Jewish Civilization in the Hellenistic-Roman Period by Shemaryahu Talmon PDF

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By Shemaryahu Talmon

ISBN-10: 1850753202

ISBN-13: 9781850753209

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Spaer and by D. Barag, in Israel Numismatic Journal 9 (1986-87), pp. 1-3 and 4-21 respectively. 46 Jewish Civilization in the Hellenistic-Roman Period time? What was the position of the province of Judaea under the early Ptolemies? This material can be used to engage the students in a discussion of such sub-topics as the economy of the period, art, palaeography, the impact of hellenization on Jewish society, etc. 2. Another revolutionary discovery from the same period and the same field are the small Samaritan silver coins which bear the inscrip­ tion SMRN (= Samaria), and a coin inscribed YRB'M (= Jeroboam).

E. before c. 300 BCE. After Alexander's conquest of the ancient Near East, Judaism in the Land, and to a large degree also in the Diaspora, became enfolded in a political framework whose cultural profile was shaped by influences which flowed from the Occident, from Greece-Hellas. At that juncture in history, the Samaritan schism crystallized. The situation changed radically when, in 163 BCE, the Hasmonaeans re-established Jewish political sovereignty for one hundred years, after which time Rome subjugated the Jewish state.

Pontius Pilate, fearing a major riot, removed the standards from Jerusalem. A second issue 1 1. Flavius Josephus, The Great Roman-Jewish War: AD 66-70 (trans. William Whiston; rev. S. Margoliouth; Gloucester, MA: Peter Smith, 1970 [repr. 174. IDINOPULOS Israels War with Rome 57 arose when the procurator confiscated money from the temple treas­ ury to pay for the construction of an aqueduct. Again a peaceful demonstration was held, but this time Roman soldiers attacked, killing several demonstrators.

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